The Romanian Employers’ League Of The Milling, Bakery And Flour Based Products Industry

ROMPAN is the representative association which brings together, based on free will and community of interests, the most important producers of milling, bakery and flour based products industry, providers of raw and auxiliary materials, specific equipment manufacturers, researchers and designers, depositors, distributors and traders.

ROMPAN is a non-governmental, apolitical and independent association, established in 1991, which represents and protects the professional, economical, social and moral interests of its members in relation with governmental and non-governmental national entities.

ROMPAN provides the liason with European employers’ organizations to support the general interests of millers and bakers before European officials, being the only Romanian employers’ association in this field recognized by the EU members.

ROMPAN contributes to promoting and technical and economical development of its member companies, providing them services of:

  • Technical, economical and legislative assistance and consulting in the business development;
  • Consulting to implement the systems:
    • Quality Management (SR EN ISO 9001/2008)
    • Food Safety Management (HACCP, SR EN ISO 22000/2005)
    • Environment Management (SR EN ISO 14001/2005)
    • Health and Operational Security Management (OHSAS 18001)
  • Qualification and perfecting courses for the staff in the milling, bakery and flour based products industry;
  • Initiation courses in the implementation of the quality and food safety management systems;
  • Auditors training courses for the quality and food safety management systems;
  • Assessment of the professional competences for qualifications specific to the milling and bakery sector;
  • Consulting on land provided by teams of specialists to find safe and economical solutions for the implementation of the quality and food safety management systems;
  • Designing teams for the construction of new production facilities and the technology up-grading of existing ones for the entire milling, bakery, pasta, biscuits, pastry and confectionery industry;
  • Strategies for the operation and modernization of the sector;
  • Funding opportunities for investment and personal training through national and European programs.

ROMPAN prepared the works

  • Guide to Good Hygiene Practices in milling
  • Guide to Good Hygiene Practices in bakery
  • Guide to Good Hygiene Practices in pastry-confectionery in accordance with European legislation on food safety requirements, approved by the Romanian authorities
  • “Tradition and craftsmanship in the bakery” – collection of recipes and technological instructions
  • Technologies for the manufacturing of the bakery products from wheat with defects

ROMPAN carries on its informing activity through own publications, site, as well as by organizing thematic workshops and symposia.

ROMPAN is authorized as Training, Skills Improvement and Professional Assessment Center, specialized in milling, bakery and flour based products sector.

ROMPAN is a member of some national and international employers’ federations.